Ich Bin Divine Youth

REBEL Editorial Team || July 2016

Divine Youth have returned with their second single, the uber powerful Wir Sind Das Volk.

The release comes off the back of the band's announcement that they will be supporting The Augustines at The Sugarmill next month, and the track continues that rough, edgy vibe that saw Petrol Eyes gain the trio a riveting amount of great feedback.

Divine Youth are one of those bands you can't help but love. Even the hazy drummer of Psyence Joe Walsh can't deny his soft spot for the Sheldon brothers and Kaye, and there's plenty to love before we even get to the music. Genuinely decent guys who simply want to get on stage and enjoy their craft, have no bad words for any soul, and are gratuitous to the last. They've created an image within their own right, and this carries throughout their design and their fashion also, but it is ultimately the music which everyone is falling in love with.

Petrol Eye's was a blinder of a debut single, passionately written and expertly produced. Wir Sind Das Volk is no different, and is in keeping with the sound which Divine Youth are quickly getting a reputation for as the raw, husky and loud band from Stoke. The song title translates to We Are The People, and is a reference to the fall of the Berlin wall. The saying is a symbol for standing together against everything that is wrong with the world, and through this notion is perhaps a very apt title with events in todays society.

The hammer of the snare and the relentless drive of the guitar will cut you open, and make sure their message is embedded deep in your heart, the pains of working class life echoing in your stomach. Divine Youth, wir grüßen dich.