FLIIIS To Release New Single

On The Sonnet

REBEL Editorial || July 14th


FLIIIS are soon to release their brand new single, On The Sonnet, a song filled with heartache poetic injustice right to the last.

The single will be released on Sunday 24th July, the day after the duo perform at Tramlines in Sheffield, where On The Sonnet will without a doubt go down a storm. How FLIIIS are able to create such a whirlwind of passion and intelligent musicianship when they are but two, is an incredible feat, and this song is one they should be proud of.

With a beat you can't hop but bob your head to and shuffle your feet to, the uplifting tones of the music are intertwined with lyrics of melancholy, as Daniel Johnson explained.

'On The Sonnet is a song about a longing for connection but being unable to do so due to your own mental state, and therefore is quite a dark ideology and it was actually quite difficult to record for this reason, but the process was the best that it could have been because we found a beautifully harmonious creative collaboration with Sam.'

Sam being Sam Bloor, of Lower Lane Studios, who has clearly caught the dark undertones in the lyrics of On The Sonnet, and has been able to help FLIIIS nurture and craft the song beautifully, as Daniel agrees.

'Sam is someone we're close friends with, and it was the best, most creative recording experience we've had. Sam helped us to bring the essence of the track out. He understood it, and he understands us.'

But while On The Sonnet creates a sincere feeling of loneliness and desperation, the song's B-side could not be any more opposing. In fact, that's quite the recipe FLIIIS were aiming for as Dan reflects,

'In serious contrast to On The Sonnet, Nothing But The Night is about having that connection. It was written a fair while after On The Sonnet was, and therefore felt like the perfect partner for On The Sonnet. It's almost like a resolution. The song is about obsession, love, and being willing to cut your own throat to give blood to bring someone that you love back to life after you've taken it away through making them love you too (metaphorically of course). We recorded it in our Flat in Manchester so it has a nice, underwhelming feel that we think fits perfectly with the brash, big feel of On The Sonnet.'

Considering Nothing But The Night was recorded in their flat, it has a fantastic feel to it, and somehow feels darker than On The Sonnet, with soft synths and yearning vocals throughout. Nothing But The Night track serves as a perfect B-side to the new single and together the release will surely see FLIIIS stamp their name quite firmly on new music in the UK.

Other than playing Tramlines on Saturday 23rd July, FLIIIS have some 'cool things' lined up which they are unable to share with REBEL at this point, so be sure to keep a weather eye on the bands Facebook page to keep yourself connected.