Rival Bones Speak To REBEL

Liverpool Duo Headline The Exchange

REBEL Editorial || July 15th


Tonight The Exchange plays host to a Liverpool based duo Rival Bones, who are looking to kick start a mini-tour in the best of rock fashions. REBEL spoke with band member Chris Thomason in a set of quick-fire questions ahead of the show.

What was it that made you want to perform in Stoke?

Well my girlfriend actually lives near here so I’m up round here quite a lot. I’ve been watching a few bands up here in The Sugarmill as well so it’s always seemed a cool place for music. 

Is this your first time in the area?

No, we've played at Keele University and The Rigger in Newcastle-Under-Lyme a couple of times. We love coming down, it's always been great for us. People here really seem to love new music and especially music of the heavier variety!

For those who might not know of Rival Bones already, how would you describe your sound?

We'd say that we're a two piece hard rock band that sounds a bit like a mix between Queens Of The Stone Age and Rage Against the Machine/Audioslave.

You create a massive sound for a two piece, how do manage to it?

A very heavy handed drummer and plenty of bass tone! (even though it's actually guitar) Bass tone is all important in making this work as we obviously don’t have a bass player so it’s important to get that sound nailed.

The Exchange gig on Friday is the beginning of a small tour to coincide with your third single, can you tell us about the track?

It's the quietest thing we do actually. I mean, it's still got a big riff in it and all the stuff that makes us Rival Bones but it's a chance for us to be a bit more melodic. We recorded it at Parr Street Studios last year with Tony Draper who has a swanky Gold record on the wall of his mix room. We've been very fortunate with the recording we’ve done. This song was a labour of love actually as we recorded it right at the end of the session when we’d have LOADS of problems and we put all our anger and tiredness into the big ending.

Where else will you be performing?

We'll be in Leeds, Sheffield, Stockport, Liverpool, Newcastle-under-Lyme and a few other places in the coming months. (gigs listed below)

The mini-tour finishes at Tramlines, how do you prepare for a show which holds great opportunities?

The best rehearsal is playing shows! So we're going to smash the first few shows as hard as possible, build on our live show and see where that takes us. We usually have a long drive before a show and we sit and listen to music, talk and literally just chill out before we go on stage. It’s a hard life!

April saw the release of Robot Girl, which made the HMV playlist, are you hoping to build on this with the new single?

Absolutely! They've been very kind to us and we owe them a huge debt of thanks! So yeah, if they're up for some more, we'd love to keep working with them! That all started from a girl at HMV huddersfield who really loved our stuff and she’s been pushing us quite a lot. It’s been immense and we appreciate it massively.