Wires, Wires, Wires...

Stoke band Wires are pulling out all the stops for new EP

REBEL Editorial || July 15th

Local three-piece Wires have gathered a strong reputation in their short time together, and have almost done so right under everyone's noses. Tonight they are main support to Liverpool band Rival Bones, and we caught up with singer Paul Baggaley who, it must be said, is rather excited about the gig.

'Very excited man, love playing the exchange, we've got new songs to play and the line up is awesome!! just a shame Plastic had to pull out, love those guys.'

You've built up a steady and loyal fan base in the relatively short time you've been together, what would you say wires can offer music lovers they might struggle to find elsewhere?

'That's hard to answer man, but we just fucking bring it when it comes to live shows. We put as much in to as possible and have a good time and hope that rubs off into the audience and they have a good time too.'

You mentioned new songs. You recorded the previous tracks yourselves, will the new material be recorded in the same way?

'None of the new songs are actually recorded yet, we're just in the process of writing a new EP and picking out the best tracks so it's all killer no filler!! We will be recording ourselves though yeah. We're very much a DIY band, all artwork, logos etc and the website is all ran by us. We prefer it that way, total control over what we want to do and what we want to be.'

Does that just make things that little bit harder having to put everything together yourselves?

'Not really man, makes it fun, and get real sense of achievement, we can say we did this. Scott the drummer has his own recording equipment so saves alot of money! He's also awesome at artwork designs too. Actually has his own little business in his sisters shop in Derby.'

Saves money and you get exactly what you want - can't really complain at that... But can you say when the new EP might be released yet?

'As yet no, we're hoping to start recording within the next month or so. We've got three songs that we definitely know we want on there, and another two that haven't fully been written yet. Not sure if it'll be a four or five track EP, it all depends on how these two unfinished tracks work out. We're pretty eager to get it out though; we already have the artwork ready for it which I designed this time.'

Don't worry Paul, we won't laugh at the artwork... Your first recordings were produced in such a way to sound as raw as possible, and to great effect. Will you be keeping along those lines for the EP?

'Yeah definitely. We want the recordings to sound as close to our live sound as possible, with as few overdubs etc as possible. It does what it says on the tin with Wires, what you get on record is the same as the shows except with a little more crazy thrown in.'

Well you can't say fairer than that, and it must be said, you a certainly a band of your word in that respect. The music community in 2016 has been almost unbelievable, with an incredible amount of great and varied music coming out, how does it feel being a part of it all?

'Awesome man, there's so many cool bands coming from Stoke at the moment, and there's Mark Masons new band, Dead Rabbit, I'm so excited see what they're all about, if it's any like The Black Mirrors then Stoke is in for a shock. And my mate Simon Frain, who's originally from Manchester but recently moved to Stoke has formed a psychobilly band, which Stoke definitely need. They're called The Two Step Goodbyes, we'll be doing some shows with them soon. Keep an eye for them! It's just a shame that Tussk have recently decided to split up, they were definitely one of my favourites from Stoke, and bloody lovely bunch of guys.'

Since you mention Dead Rabbit, it's great to see you and Mark kept on good terms. Are you glad to see he's returning? And would you hope to share a stage with him in your new bands?

'Oh yeah there was never any bad feelings when I left Black Mirrors, I was just at a point in my life where I didn't have time to be in a band due to co-planning my wedding. I was just glad that they carried on without me and me leaving didn't lead to an instant demise. And yeah, really glad to see he's back, I know he lost a bit of motivation for playing live music so I'm glad he's got his enthusiasm back, he's a great front man and lyricist and I'm sure they'll slot back into the scene in no time. Yeah, me and Mark have already spoken about doing some gigs together, be good share a stage again.'

So you heard it here first. Paul Baggaley and Mark Mason will share a stage together again some day soon, albeit in their new bands which, both in their own rights, are as brilliant and unique as you would expect. See Wires live at The Exchange tonight as Paul, Arron and Scott will no doubt be putting on a show be long remembered.