A New Dawn For Stoke Band

Psyence Record Debut Album In Mammouth 8 Day Session

Bethan Shuff || July 19th

Joe, Stephen, Jamie & Ben

Joe, Stephen, Jamie & Ben

I stepped over the concrete welcome mat engraved with ‘Lower Lane Studios’ as I got out of the rain and into the warm, homely recording studio to be greeted by the lovely Sam Bloor. Lower Lane Studios was where, for the past 8 days, the Psyence boys had ‘discovered themselves’ whilst recording their biggest creation to date – their debut album.

Keys King Ben Nixon made me a brew whilst Joe Walsh swapped his sticks and drumkit for a Play Station pad and Fifa whilst we waited for Stephen Pye to finish recording his vocals Passionate Jamie Bellingham experimented with bass riffs. I was privileged enough to be given a taster of what the album is going to sound like, and it is looking like the record will be totally different to Psyence’s usual works like Chemicals for Breakfast and Zebra, however, I trust them to still blow our minds with their psychedelic charm.

Psyence have been slaying Stoke music scene together for ‘longer than most marriages’ (that’s 4 years, to be exact) and have finally decided to bless us with an album. Ten incredibly strong tunes where the boys say they have manage to get their creativity ‘out of their heads and into the tracks’, every single one sounds different, but they ‘all sound like us’.

Being different is something that Psyence have mastered as an artform; ‘sometimes I don’t realise quite how strange we must come across to people’ joked front man and guitarist Stephen. Their twisted love songs, such as Cold Blooded Killer from the album, all have a lyrical story behind them that comes to life in their music.

In terms of sound, each of the lads all had ‘individual ideas on sound, and rough collective idea’ but what they have created is nothing like either, Pye says ‘it sounds so much different to how I thought it would sound’. Musical influences have come from The Stone Roses, Led Zepplin, The Avalanches with a ‘funky, predominantly psych/rock’ sound but ‘loads of our own twists’. Joe tucked into his crisp laced pasta as he uses the analogy ‘it’s like a battery powered car, it just shouldn’t work but it does’. Psyence praise recorder Sam Bloor as ‘The New Yoda’, who’s had a great influence on the album and has probably had ‘more of an input than he thought he would’ and they’ve loved what he’s added to the mix.

‘Is that crisp laced pasta?’

‘Yes, I like a crunch to my pasta!’

‘I’ve snapped my fork!’

‘My pizza is done!’

Working with Psyence is manic. The band have been working ‘8-12 hour days, which can get a bit tedious just hearing little bits back, but it’s going to be worth it. It’s ace to do this for this amount of time!’ usually recording is quite sporadic, but Psyence say that to be able to ‘record with your mates for 8 days is mint; they’re long days… It’s hard but they don’t feel long.’

The album, A New Dawn, is set to be released early 2017, but don’t worry, a single will be out in October to feed your Psyence cravings. Walsh, who came up with the title, feels it fits in with the band name Psyence, but also, it’s a new dawn for the lads; a new chapter for them. It’s going to be a big one!

The album launch will be an event to say the least. You can always count on Psyence to do something huge. For now, they’re keeping their lips sealed, but are teasing us with ‘we have a massive idea that just needs structure. Keep your eyes peeled. Keep your ears stapled back. Fasten your seatbelts; don’t bother with a helmet because it won’t work.'

Psyence are playing at The Underground, Friday 22nd July with a cracking set of support bands too. Get yourselves down there and witness the mindblowing madness for yourself.