The Red Kites In Flying Form

Game Changer For The Red Kites?

REBEL Editorial || July 18th

Early May 2016 found us given a soulful classic in the form of Don't It Make You Sad The Red Kites. The song carries with it some beautiful use of an organ whilst the soft guitar strums leave you feeling humbled, but make no bones about it, this songs features a heavy political message. Written in angst, it seems, at the current state at power, or rather the severe lack of power that the working class in England has, power which is instead held by corrupt forces.

Don't It Make You Sad provided the kick-start to a reputation which grew very quickly for The Red Kites, and within a number of weeks, the band released a second track, Heavy Crown, which they made available as a free download for a limited time of two weeks. A soft-psych intro leads you perfectly into the opening verse, where James Biddulph unleashes his soulful voice behind  a steady drum beat and prominent bass line. Heavy Crown wouldn't sound out of place driving down a highway in America one hot summers evening, or since I've not had the privilege of doing that, I'll say it wouldn't sound out of place in the soundtrack of a blockbuster film where that does happen.

After numerous plays on BBC Introducing from Stoke, momentum had clearly began to build, and in was in mid June that the band put out Psychedelic Trance, a magnificent piece of music with a true American wonderer vibe that very few bands have ever managed to achieve. With a classic beat and catchy, well written melodies, Psychedelic Trance flows into an anthem style outro which sees the four-piece revel in their rock and roll enjoyment.

By the end of June, the band were ready to unleash The Game Changer EP, a song which leaves you very unsure as to what your favourite song by The Red Kites actually is. At first you think it is Don't It Make You Sad, but that is thrown into question with each new release. Dusted with more of James Biddulph's worried view on the current state of the world, the song trails of into an almost-psychedelic groove you can't help but lose yourself in. The EP is nothing but a collection of well-structured, soulful rock and roll created by a band who enjoy nothing more than getting in the studio and getting on stage. At just £3, The Gamechanger EP is a must buy for all music fans. But we're not going to give the game away and put all the tracks from the EP on here; get out there and catch The Red Kites live, buy the EP, and let them show you how they're changing the game.