Space Witch At The Underground

Chris Munday || July 4th


Tonight is dark, gloomy and rainy, and as fellow music fans pack into Stokes Underground venue, they should all be expecting the same.

The bands tonight all exude the same atmosphere and feeling within their sound, first tonight are DOG who start really strong.

It’s easy to see influences from bands such as Black Sabbath; hints of Nirvana are heard in the singer’s haunted shrieks that are mixed with the musical progression reminiscent of that of early Deftones, and that makes this band interesting to watch.

When they find a particular sound it soars, it’s only when their sound changes that it sometimes becomes a little less seamless and this is something the band can improve on in time.

Second on are This Sun No More, a band built on a strange and sometimes jarring experience of doom rock.

Strong ethereal vocals mix well with the progression of the music behind the lead singers almost Bjork sounding voice to give a spine tingling vibe, however the three guitarists (yes, three) in the band all need to do something different to each other as the repetitiveness of the band is its key weakness, that again, can only get better in time.

While a sample of the Wicker Man’s “Summer Is A Coming In” plays in the background to mark Robin Hardy’s death, last tonight are Space Witch, who take the stage as tonight’s obvious headliners.

Space Witch are not the kind of band you watch for the songs, instead you get a haunting, psychedelic experience, almost like watching a band playing the soundtrack to a horror film that never got released.

Their set starts small, bleeps and synths notes creep underneath the sound of crunching guitars and tribal drumming, while the singer becomes a howling, pained contorting phantom who only stops to add more and more layers over the building sound that the band construct, and it’s great to see this ‘horror film’ come to a satisfying climax.