Heavy As Balls speak to REBEL

Chris Munday || July 6th

From out of the darkness and dankness of Stoke-on-Trent, something wicked this way comes – HEAVY AS BALLS are a growling, brooding tribe of three who have been making a dent within the local scene now for quite some time and somehow I found away to sit down the guitarist, aptly named RIFF for a quick chat, here’s what we had to say .

When did the band form and what do you want to achieve with it?

We formed in December 2014 when we decided to get together and jam after saying we would for about 2 years! The only thing we want from the band is to have a good time and do whatever we want musically and it seems to be going quite well so far!

Nice! Who would you cite as your major influences?

To this day, we have never sat down and spoke about this! Personally I think that my love for Black Sabbath and Rage Against The Machine have moulded the way I play guitar. SKINZ has taken massive influence from Every Time I Die and Alexisonfire which shows in his solid and groovy drumming. FINGERZ is a man of funk, technicality and effects. He loves Primus and Tool and, as far as I know, his favourite bass tone is Timmy C's tone from Evil Empire!

Your show has used costumes and lighting in the past - what are your thoughts on spectacle in today's age of music?

I think it's cool as balls. Bands such as THE HELL, Slipknot, Ghost, Turisas etc have always stuck in mind because of their image as well as their music. Bands need to make an impact and give something to remember to the audience in my opinion. With the band playing mostly at a slow tempo, being a heavy instrumental outfit, it really helps with the stage presence!

Stoke has a rich local music scene, who are your favourite bands right now?

It really has! We are good friends with the guys in The Hiding Place and Tribes Of Tauricide and have a bit of a soft spot for them. At the Tribes headliner earlier in the year, they donned our robes for a song and pulled it off much better than we did.

What can we expect from the new E.P and what can you tell us about it?

BALLFROG is heavy. It's a game changer compared to the 'HEAVY AS BALLS' EP.

We recorded five tracks for it, but dropped it to four after deciding that one of the tracks, 'THD,' wasn't heavy enough.

What's next after this?

Well, the album is in progress! We have some other things in the pipeline, but they are being kept close to our balls. We would like to play some out of town shows again soon, too!

And finally! Who's your favourite Telly Tubby and why?

Dipsy because I reckon he'd enjoy BALLFROG the most with him being green!

And with that, RIFF creeps into the night, catch HEAVY AS BALLS this Friday 8th July at The Underground, and the E.P BALLFROG will be released that night.