Delamere Album Reviewed

Sell-Out Show At All Saints Church in Leek For Local Band's Album Launch

Leah Hamer || August 17th

There’s a lot of bands out there. Good bands, bad bands, average bands. And then there is Delamere.

James Fitchford, Ashley Egerton, Richard Dawson and Will Mason are all on another planet. Since they first stepped onto the Stoke scene several years ago, it was obvious that they floated around in a different solar system than us mere humans.

From the offset they were receiving grand opportunities, supporting the likes of Peace and Palma Violets here in Stoke, before their singles received regular airtime on both regional and national radio stations and television shows. After signing to Scruff of the Neck Records in 2014, Delamere’s success has rocketed beyond comprehension. Dot to Dot, Tramlines, Live at Leeds, The Great Escape, and the International Music Summit in Ibiza- the boys have gotten around a just a little bit this year, making themselves known with every performance.

After a patient wait, their self-titled debut album was recorded at Parr Street Studios under the watchful eye of producer Rich Turvey. After months of dedication and precision, the album will finally be released this Friday, and the outcome is quite frankly, a masterpiece.

Opening with Bright Young Things, taken from their EP of the same name, it is the perfect way to kick-start the album. Bouncy, vivacious, the clever balance of loud and quiet and its cool atmosphere gives you that quirky, indie Delamere vibe instantly. It is followed by my personal favourite, Regress, which I am thrilled to see has made the cut. Spacey vocals and the wavy synth make you feel like you are in an epic science fiction movie. Then it hits you with its nail biting build in the bridge followed by the euphoric release in the chorus as James cries out Regress.

So Long has a change in tone- it is less lively and more grungey and dark. It has this underground dance feel with its muted synths and controlled vocals. It reflects another side to the band, and its third place positioning introduces the listener to Delamere’s diversity at just the right time. Lead single Kill It is slower in pace with a steady drum beat and bass. It’s almost tranquil until it encompasses you in these stunning solos towards the end.

Second release Black and White Space has this tingly opening, sleek and charming verses and popping lyrics in the chorus. The keys and synth are pixie light in comparison to Ash’s pounding guitar which makes for an entrancing contrast. It is followed by Heart with its whirling electronics against soft vocals. Heart is the stadium song. As James sings Wait for my heart, everything just seems to explode around you, it’s the moment that the fireworks should explode over the arena.

Woods arrives next and it gives you a few contemplative minutes after the power of Heart. Emotional, chilling and thoughtful- Woods is a step back from the excitable storm but Delamere’s energy levels have not faltered. They come back charging again with Headstrong and it’s magical chorus. Headstrong with our feet on the ground/no we don’t make a sound- this rhyme works perfectly with the inescapable melody that makes your head swing back and forth. This is another track that I am more than happy to hear once again.

The album reaches its final tracks with Betty Boop- with the jazzy bass of Richard, experimental vocals and a bubbling rhythm, before ending with Rain. The repeat of the title throughout the chorus is so simple, yet so electric. Although the rest of the lyrics are clever and memorable, Monkey see or monkey do/I’ll probably learn it all from you. It closes the album smoothly and prepares you to click repeat.

Delamere is an effortless album. Enchanting electronics, hearty guitars, intelligent lyrics- every track has been designed to withstand a stadium’s stage. These are not songs that James is meant to sing, but songs that a crowd of thousands are meant to sing back to him instead. Delamere have always been destined for greatness, and this album is worthy of that, and more.

The album will be available to purchase from Friday 19th August but you can pre-order it now from

Delamere will celebrate the launch of their debut at All Saints Church, Leek, on Friday, which is now a complete sell out.