Machine Roar - Exowaves

Third Single From Exowaves Roaring Hit

Emily Jones || August 17th

After being relatively quiet since their release of ‘There’s No Fun’, Exowaves are back with their third single and it’s more than just a little bit good.

‘Machine Roar’ has propelled the band forward to land on a whole new ground. It’s still very much the Exowaves we were introduced to in their debut single ‘Side Effects’ some months ago, except ‘Machine Roar’ takes that up a level – several levels in fact.

Exowaves are a band that are openly proud of their influences and it’s hard not to hear those when you listen to their stuff. What’s clear in their latest track however, is the development of their own unique sound that trickles through the guitar strums and drum beats of ‘Machine Roar’.

From the first 10 seconds of the track, it’s clear that ‘Machine Roar’ is going to be a strong song. Opening with stompy drums and an eery high pitched electronic undertone, ‘Machine Roar’ gets off on the right foot and remains there until the end. Guest vocalist Allie Pawezowski adds another slant on things, dipping in in the second verse to provide a seductive vocal accompaniment. And even in the remaining moments, Exowaves hold you in a building finale that concludes with a jagged vocal of “say what you wanna say”.

So what’s next for Exowaves? Another single, a full length album or a debut EP? Whatever the answer, Exowaves are on the rise and there’s nothing you can do about it.