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Sonic A.M's 'What We Do When We Do Nothing' Reviewed

Lee Barber || August 19th

From the moment the opening lyrics begin to slither over the soft guitar of What We Do When We Do Nothing's introductory track Room To Breathe, you know you're about to get smacked in the face by some powerful grunge passion, and this is something you need to get used to ahead of the trip you're going to be taken on when listening to the fierce debut from Sonic A.M.

Put together in a way only a true punk band can record, the EP was 'recorded for £0 in colleges, universities and bedrooms across the North West', a true testament to the band who have clearly kept to their word in being an authentic grunge pop-come-punk three piece. Inspirational in its creation, the songs themselves hold powerful messages over powerful chords and powerful drums; put more simply, Sonic A.M are a powerful band. Room To Breathe carries the traditional punk format, that clever use of swift dynamic change from verse to chorus sending you into a whirlwind fury of angst, whilst still keeping great melodies and energetic guitar work, and second track Dead End is full of bouncing, anthem-styled vocal melodies that stick in your head for days (trust me). Fans of former Stoke favourites Friends Of Ken, you will definitely want to check these guys out, and when you listen to Dead End you will probably understand why. Full of angst, clashed with the immense fun that gave FOK their great reputation, Sonic A.M are surely the only band with the style, sound and charisma who could take the seat on the throne of Friends Of Ken, a seat in Staffordshire which has been left to go cold for far too long now. Two years almost to the day, in fact.

None of the songs on the five track record reach three minutes in length, and this is certainly no bad thing - if anything is only further goes to affirm the bands place in punk music, and fast paced Other Ethics, as 1:26 in length makes no bones about cramming in plenty of riffage, grungey bass and snare-smacks, while Red Brick Houses shows us a more acoustic side to Sonic A.M, bringing from us a feeling of discontent and resentment which most of us struggle to vent, but such is the talent of Sonic A.M, they can tempt it from us with just an acoustic guitar.

Finale piece Alexandria has an air of early material from The Cribs, in particular the lyrics, which gives an honest opinion on something that many people lie in ignorance of. Splashed with the uniqueness that Niall, Ross and James have created within their grunge filled realm that is Sonic A.M, Alexandria is the perfect ending to a record full of teenage angst, energy and blood, sweat and tears.

What We Do When We Do Nothing is out now on Bandcamp for just £3.00 and could possibly be one of your best local music finds of the year.