Stoke Duo To Release Debut Single


Lee Barber || August 29th

"You're only pure when you are tame."

Effortlessly, the opening riff takes hold of you before the drums have even kicked in, and by the time that happens, you're already fully into the groove of a tune that will quickly become a prominent feature on your playlist.

Be sure to listen to Devil's Treasure with the volume turned right up; seriously, that riff will have you hooked, the power surging through your veins as Elliot Wilcox quivers and shivers his vocals hauntingly over the top. The heart-pounding snare makes you ribs rattle as you're guided in and out of verses, teased with that cool riffage again and again but always leaving you wanting more.

Sleeve artwork by Katrina Wilde (

Sleeve artwork by Katrina Wilde (

This is becoming some kind of lesson in the art of seduction... Indigo giving us that riff, taking it away, and then whisking us off onto a higher platform of reverb-induced guitar play before dropping us into a breakdown with a steady bass beat which just tells us to expect that all empowering climax. And what a climax it is.

Elliot Wilcox roars and bellows his words without effort, while Jim Windsor smashing his drums to pieces, yet remaining perfectly rhythmical, leaving you feeling like strutting down the high street in your leather jacket and shades, barging into anyone who may dare to cross your path.

The debut single from Indigo comes after the duo have spent most of 2016 steadily building a nice reputation and fan base, and the song will be their first official release after their cheeky demo EP right at the death of 2015. We use the term 'demo' rather lightly, since the quality was far beyond what you'd expect. But not only have they got Devil's Treasure for you, they've also got B-side The Stranger; they probably realised it would be a crime to offer up a beast of a tune such as Devil's Treasure and then leave us left feeling vulnerable...

Indigo will be releasing Devil's Treasure on Friday 2nd September, one day before the pragmatic rock and roll duo hit up The Exchange in support of Divine Youth on a Scruff Of The Neck event.