Delamere Drop Second Album Track

Leek Band Also Given Gibson Guitars In Support Of Album Tour

Bethan Shuff || August 3rd

I first discovered Delamere’s music by accident; I knew their name, but not their sound. I trawled through Apple Music downloading all of the local bands tracks, Delamere being one on the list. During a painstaking 15 hour photography exam, my music ran through on shuffle. I found myself tapping my feet and bouncing to an unfamiliar tune with a contagious beat: Delamere – Headstrong.

All of Delamere’s tracks, like Headstrong and Kill It, have that same intriguing quality; Black and White Space is no exception to the rule. The track opens with a light, airy twinkle, soft guitar and the sweet tsst of a high hat before a smooth little drum fill leads into James Fitchford’s velvet vocals.

The lyrics are quite melancholic, but the instrumentation makes it summery as opposed to dark and gloomy. It’s been described as ‘perfect for that summer evening stroll’, but I see it more fitting for those long car journeys full of contemplation.

Rolling drums with crashing symbols and distant vocals create a frenetic breakdown; the gorgeous tones of the guitar riff maintaining a constant ebb and flow weaving through the chaos before building into a powerful a cappella.

Black and White Space has been a beautiful little teaser for the album set to be released on 19th August; the night that they hold their launch party at All Saints Church in their hometown Leek!