Dirty Rotten Souls Headline The Underground

All Local Affair At Hanley Music Venue The Underground

Emily Jones || August 8th

Outside Wetherspoons, Hanley, it was relatively busy. After several weeks of wind and rain, the clouds had cleared and we'd finally been delivered a perfect summers day. A thumping bass line crept out of the open door of the pub opposite, where a group of middle-aged people were drunkly singing karaoke to some popular 80's hit. When Mark Bailey eventually appeared through the doors of The Reginald Mitchell, he was instantly approached by friends, looking to grab a piece of the evening's action. The Dirty Rotten Souls frontman seemed in high spirits, passing me my ticket whilst grinning "It should be a good one tonight". 

And a good one it was. Not that you'd have guessed it however, had you arrived at The Underground at 8pm. As Kitsune took to the stage, it seemed that this gig would be more intimate than first expected. Nevertheless, the synth heavy three-piece performed tracks 'High Heels' and 'Suicide Saturday's', amongst others, to an appreciative crowd that grew as their set progressed. Even with some technical issues, Kitsune remained unfazed, faultlessly opening the show to a high standard.

Next up was Indigo, who'd managed to pull in a sizeable crowd of friends, family and followers. Comparing this to the last time I saw them (around 12 months ago), the duo have grown significantly in popularity and confidence, ramping up the volume and power in huge amounts. Crowd favourites 'Electric Bones' and the self titled 'Indigo' were definite highlights of their set, along with a couple of new tracks to be released in the very near future. Indigo had taken the evening up a notch and I almost forgot that they weren't the headliners.

The final support of the night came from Lost Soul Experiment, who proceeded to turn things up even louder and add more bodies to the growing crowd. A year into their musical venture as LSE and they're already onto something big. Debut single Voodoo Dance, released back in May, helped to blow the roof off the venue, receiving a rapturous applause from every audience member. Quite obviously, there was no better main support for Dirty Rotten Souls, and Lost Soul Experiment are onto something massive.

At 10:15pm the headliners were ready to play their first home show in a short while. Walking onto the stage to the sort of music that plays in your mind when you do something legendary, Dirty Rotten Souls grabbed their guitars and sticks and put on a show to be proud of. DRS made sure they were the loudest, rockiest and dirtiest of the bunch, playing through recent single b-side 'Galley Of Skull & Bone', 'I Bet She's Filthy' and 'Jaguar Blood' like kings of the stage. Bailey took a moment to express his gratitude at being back on home turf, adding "if you think Stoke's bad, try spending a night in Scunthorpe" - so the tour went well then lads?

As their set progressed, so did their confidence and enthusiasm for performing it. 'Cocaine Submarine' and 'Devil On my Shoulder' followed suit, making everyone in the room do a half head bang half chicken neck, before completely losing it to their final track of the night and current single 'You'd Look Better With A Bullet In You'. 

Drenched in sweat but grinning from ear to ear, Mark Bailey, bassist Mike Williams and drummer Danny Nicholson look satisfied with their set. They had every reason to be. The three piece had just given their all, smashing their way through a set of DRS favourites old and new. One more gig remains for the lads before they go away to create more music for us and I highly recommend you get yourself a ticket. You won't be disappointed. 

Dirty Rotten Souls are performing at Ashcombury Music Festival on Saturday 27th August, along with other local bands.