Tom Lockett Single Launch Night

Song Writer Celebrates Record Label Release With Night At The Glebe

Leah Hamer || August 8th

Music is a mode of transportation. Friday night, if you had closed your eyes, you would have been sat in a swing chair, on a porch in an old house in Alabama, on a hazy summer evening. Open them, and in reality and you are in the charming warmth of The Glebe in the heart of Stoke, celebrating the launch of Tom Lockett’s debut single with Magic Cactus Records, Feeling Bad.

Alix Musso

Alix Musso

Alix Musso kicked off the evening with his ol’ country voice and acoustic guitar. Chirpy melodies and thoughtful lyrics give you a reviving lift and an incessant need to toe-tap. Time’s a Tickin’ (the title alone reflects Alix’s style) was the standout for me. The track teleported you to a quaint Southern setting, which is not the usual reaction one might receive during many other local gigs. It made you realise that our local scene is bubbling with diversity- and Alix champions this with his unique perspective on the folksy blues/country genre.

Second up were The King’s Pistol, gracing us with a timeless and effortless performance. This trio have always sounded seamless through your speakers or through your record player (yes, because you can listen to their album on vinyl…amazing, right?), but in person, they add an entirely new dimension. They were possessed with charismatic spirits that overtook every limb and organ. They do not simply stand still and hit some drums and sing some tunes, they glide and dance and consume the stage. Calming rhythms and dramatic deliveries, means that The King’s Pistol both soothe and excite you at the same time.

Tom Lockett is a captivating performer. He has the awkward coolness of other innovators like Thom Yorke as he humbly thanks the crowd and apologises for mistakes. Honky tonk rhythms spoon sixties groove and dabble in 1930s Chicago blues- the set list is a nostalgic reminder of unproduced, organic music before computers. Tom encourages escapism, he leads you to a portal into another realm and another time.

Tom has studied and engulfed himself in a world of music that most of us will never be aware of. His curiosity is evident in his music, as each track harnesses different influences and techniques. He is constantly fiddling with his guitar and harmonica, playing them simultaneously and singing in the intervals- this is a level of multi-tasking talent that one rarely witnesses. I’m sure if he had an extra set of arms he would have been playing the drums and keys and all sorts as well.

Although tracks like Alabama Bound and Everything Changes In Time hold their own without question, his new single Feeling Bad steals the show. It accurately sums up his style, which he refers to as ‘the Great Depression on acid’. Political, engaging, controversial (with encore track I Think We’re Somebodies Slave for which Tom advised right-wing thinkers to evacuate) and clever- his lyrics are as wise as he is.

After organising the evening alone and receiving the incredible reception that he did, it shows what an important personality Tom is in our scene. Widely respected and appreciated, Tom is an innovator, already forging a pivotal role in local music with his work at Magic Cactus Records…and this is only the first single.