New Outfit MILK Release Debut Track '10'

Local Musician Sian Matthews Returns With New Style

Lee Barber || September 1st

"Tell me what you think!"

"Please listen!"

"I'm excited."

Ok, so that last one clearly didn't need telling to me, since the constant badgering for REBEL's approval of debut release from MILK, the new set up from singer songwriter Sian Matthews, was evidence enough of the excitement from the one time Faux Feet front woman.

After listening to '10', I felt compelled to listen again. And in all honesty I was compelled to listen a third time, though I didn't want to admit that at the time; it was much more fun letting Matthews think we might actually like the track, which is released today.

The harrowing, sallow echoes reverberated through my headphones as I listened for the first time to a track which I knew I would love before it had even started; before I had even heard those opening lyrics, "I've done it again."

Slowly, awkwardly, Sian tells her story in a way to make you close your eyes and sway gently to the emotions spilling out in the form of dark guitar lines and a subtle build up of drums, which will catch you off guard should you get lost in the enthralling music too easily.

After posting just one status on the MILK Facebook page, a demo song video which had staggering 2.7 thousand views, MILK have continued on the same mysterious path Sian walked down with former band Faux Feet, one which was full of contemporary art and vision, whilst constantly keeping us guessing, hoping, longing as to what might come next. Thankfully, we can enjoy a good glass of MILK in all its musical glory as Sian releases the debut song '10' on Bandcamp to the delight of all at the REBEL office.

"I've done it again." Yes, and thank God you have,  Sian Matthews.