Nixon Tate & The Honey Club Have Us In Their Trap

The People's Favourite Band Are Back With Another Smash Single

Lee Barber || September 12th

After several months of anxiousness, the wait is finally over and I can listen new music from Nixon Tate & The Honey Club once more. 2016 has been a huge year for Nixon and his band of brothers, releasing three incredible singles which have thrusted them to the forefront of the local music folk scene and beyond. The question is, can you actually call NTHC music folk these days? They've crafted their own unique style this year and they're beginning to really stand out thanks to the dedication of the band.

Fourth single Honey Trap is released today after a short delay on the proceedings of Nixon Tate's plans, but it is easily forgiven once you hear the track itself. Immediately taking hold of you and instilling you eerie sense of enchantment, Nixon has produced a dark and provoking story chilled over a sequence of harrowingly cool music.

Nixon Tate at Alsager Music Festival this summer. Credit: Chris Hollingworth

Nixon Tate at Alsager Music Festival this summer. Credit: Chris Hollingworth

Once the introduction has made way for the beat of the drum, Nixon's vocals step up the angst and rawness that was already buried within the vibe of the track; he simply teases it closer to the surface as he ups the tempo of his melody. The added electric guitar swooping in and out with a rolling riff only adds to the poignant mood lurking within the shadows.

When the electric guitar swoops into a roaring solo the song really lifts and falls deep when it hits the end of the solo, breaking into a whirlwind of effects. This is some roller coaster ride we're being treated to by Nixon Tate & The Honey Club. The added effects have really done wonders to an already impressive sound that has been well structured and developed in this fantastic year for the band.

Going back for another verse, Nixon really hits his peak now, almost scramming his lyrics, dragging them from beneath the shadows and building them into a huge crescendo that breaks only with the finale of the song.

Pure brilliance from Nixon Tate & The Honey Club, we've had to wait longer than planned for this fourth single of 2016, but we always knew it was going to be worth the wait.