Thieves Drop Free Live Track

Thieves Asylum Remind Stoke Of Live Sound As EP Work Gets Underway

Lee Barber || August 13th

It's been a good few months now since those indie lads Thieves Asylum stole our social media by turning everything orange for the release of their single IKYKIK, and as they head towards two big shows, one supporting CAST at Keele Su and the being a headline show for Musicians Against Homelessness, the four piece are dropping a live recording to remind everyone of their prowess on Stoke's local music scene.

The live recording of Roger Bones comes after a few quiet months for the band who have hidden themselves away writing, and REBEL can confirm there will be an EP released early in the new year. We caught up with singer Joe Tomasso to find out more about the live track they've released.

'The live track was recorded as part of a live-streamed set we played at Newcastle College back in May. We just felt, as we are so quiet hidden away writing, that it was important to let people know we are still here! The track is an old Thieves Asylum track really, but it hopefully reflects the power behind our live performances and proves that we are a decent live band.

2016 has been a top year for a band now in their second year, with their perfornance at Lymelight Festival being one of their stand out moments, alongside their nomination for Best Band at the Music Awards of Staffordshire & Cheshire (as well as their French fancy dress). The peak of 2016 for Thieves Asylum so far, however, goes to the well thought out release of the single IKYKIK.

'We were made up with the reaction of our latest single I.K.Y.K.I.K' Joe comments, 'as it was a slight style change from our early releases. But it's been pretty quiet since then, mainly down to the fact we have been pushing ourselves to write better music and just not playing until we are sure that we have. Overall it’s been a type of transitional year for the band; as our plans are now well into 2017.

thieves logo.jpg

We do have a few local shows coming up including a Musicians Against The Homelessness show at The Exchange in October, and a huge show supporting CAST in November so everything is working towards them really. We recently started practice sessions for our first EP and things are going well. We just want to take our time and get it right, I’d say expect the EP March time next year, but don’t hold me to it!

I took the opportunity to ask Joe about his thoughts of Stoke's music scene in general this year; it's been a tough few years but the city seems to be a kiln firing out constantly great music and bands.

'The stoke scene is a happy place at the moment, it’s full of ideas and good music. It’s a tight little community of a city we live in and we're extrenely proud to be a part of it.'

The song itself was recorded as part of a student project by Lymelight Productions, and was mixed and mastered by Conor Chambers, who now works at Lower Lane Studios with Sam Bloor, a producer who has created a hotbed of talent through his work in local music and afar this year.