Tussk Given Fond Farewell At The Sugarmill

Local Rock Band Will Be Greatly Missed

Matthew Clewley || September 15th

Plenty of emotions were swirling around the Sugarmill as local legends Tussk bid their farewell to our beloved music scene. They have made themselves into an established name during the past five years with their heavy grooves and energetic performances. A lot of fans and bands will miss these incredible men as they have influenced us all from socialising in a jolly good mosh pit to helping supporting bands discover and grow their fan-bases. This night had a unique line up of heavy metal bands with their own distinctive sounds to add some variation.

Oaths were the opening act that immediately kick started the action packed night with an incredible amount of energy. The post-hardcore band, from Manchester, were on top form and did everything they could to try and get even the slightest clutch of energy from the crowd. Their lively and heavy set was the perfect start for an important night. Heavy As Balls were up next and as you would expect from their name; they weren't going to take themselves seriously. They certainly had a visual presence as they wore headlamps in the darkness. Their sound was interesting; Black Sabbath riffs with grunts and noises. Despite having comical intentions, not everyone was on their level.

Construct brought things back to the energy Oaths originally brought. They were formerly known as Zero Divide years ago; they are back to rule the stage again. The djent tone, juicy solos and ranged vocals made Construct sound ferocious and got the crowd springing around with energy. They had solid sound and excellent communication with the crowd.

Tussk came onto the stage for what was going to be their last ever performance. There was no doubt in my mind that this was going brilliant. They were as energetic as expected; every Tussk show I have seen has been a blast. The sound was perefect, the interaction was emotional and the songs were stronger than ever. The bottom floor of The Sugarmill was packed and full of energy; making the one of the best local gigs I have been to in a long time. It is a shame Tussk have called it today, but when you hear Double Drag Queen live for the last time it does run a single tear down your face. A varied line up that justified the farewell gig. Tussk will always be remembered as a band that drew me into the Stoke music scene and I will always raise a glass to their beards and dedication.