As Empires Burn Drop New Music Video

Metal Band Release New Single

With New Band Members On The Horizon

Lee Barber || September 16th

Last night Fenton's finest As Empires Burn released the banging new music video along with the single The Corinthian, in what can only been seen as a cracking send off to band members Khris and Ric, who have been vital cogs in the As Empires Burn metal machine.

While the two members leave for pastures new, the band continues, and will be announcing new players in the game soon, but in the meantime the single has been met with bounds of applause. The Corinthian is the perfect tune to lose your head in and rid yourself of some frustration and aggression.

With some stunning, energetic drum work alongside smashing guitar and bass efforts, vocalist Khris is on top form as he rolls from screaming verse to almost ballad-like chorus. The music flows sensationally from heavy riffage throughout the verse, into a gloriously epic chorus complete with fantastic melody.

REBEL spoke to drummer Liam Kerin about the track, who said that 'feedback has been great, a lot of positive comments but it is also marred by sadness at losing Khris and Ric, integral members of the band and Khris' voice was one of the biggest things about our sound and stage show.'

The band are not too downbeat about losing the pair, though, and are determined to crack on and continue building their already impressive reputation.

'We do have plenty of things in the pipeline, currently writing and rehearsing new material with our new vocalist and bassist, who are to be announced in October.' As Liam confirms, the band are not hanging around in regrouping and pressing on.

As Empires Burn to have some pretty sick announcements to make in October, so keep a steady eye on their Facebook page on 10th October, but in the meantime the consistently powerful metal act will be focusing on The Corinthian single, where they hope to build on the progress they were able to make with previous single Aurora which found itself playing through the waves of Kerrang! radio.

Liam also stressed the band's wishes to thank Unit 1 Skate Park in Hanley, for not only allowing As Empires Burn to film the video in the skate park but were also a huge help along the way, and a further tip of the hat goes to Tim Paling who directed the music video for The Corinthian, which can be viewed below.