Tough Break Records Launch New Night

Local Record Label Starts New Night To Push Sound System Movement

Lee Barber || September 2nd

The Basement in Hanley already has a great reputation for its eclectic nights; whether it be hip-hop, house and a plethora of nights supporting live and underground movements, including Beats & Bars, it doesn't take much thinking to work out where the great reputation came from.

But tonight a brand new night will be launched by Tough Break Records. TBR is Harry Jukes & Adam kozlowski, two locals who have a shared passion of the underground sound system movement. The label has a plan to release compilations of local artists to showcase the talent that is clearly in abundance in the area. I spoke to Harry Jukes who explained what the ethos behind Tough Break Records is.

'Basically showcasing local talent, focusing on bass heavy music, like stated on the night; dub, dubstep, grime, DnB, baseline, garage and hip-hop.' He continued to explain the current place of the sound system movement in Stoke. 'It can be difficult due to Stoke not having much of a sound system culture, but there are still heads that want that vibe and will support it as much as they can. We released a stoke-on-Trent's artists compilation, and the plan is to keep doing volumes of that to keep pushing new artists we find from around the Stoke area. I believe on the next volume we're planning on including Flank Dub Department, who are a local dub band.'

The culture is far from mainstream in Stoke-on-Trent, but perhaps this adds to its exclusiveness and raw vibe. Tough Break Residents, the new night from Tough Break records, is a new night which will focus on presenting Stoke-on-Trent's finest local sound system orientated artists, focusing on bass heavy music, for instance dub, dubstep, drum & bass, grime, bass line and garage. Harry explained further.

'Our first event will showcase local artists; Aga Sessions, which is a group of local dub step DJ's doing a 2 hour b2b set; Bag-a-T, one of Nexus drum & bass' resident DJ's, The Rhombus, also playing drum & bass while applying an added touch with a microphone with a vocoder; JLB, who will be bringing some of the hypest bass line & garage, and Jukes, bringing through a mix between dubstep, grime and drum & bass while also holding the mic throughout the whole event.'