ALMA || Last Orders || EP Review

Last Orders, the new 3-track EP from Alma has hit Sound Cloud

Bethan Shuff || September 24th

Opening with a dry, funky riff, I expect the drums kick in and the track to explode into madness. No, not this one. Alma like to keep you on your toes. It drops silent and you hear the swing of a door before ‘you’ve got 10 minutes left lads’ … ‘alright sound’ Jack Kennedy replies before the sticks and shouts of 1,2,3,4 as Taken For A Fool takes its chaotic form. A track of powerful guitars and teenage-angst, Taken For A Fool starts Last Orders as it means to go on; with determination and passion, showing Stoke what they’re made of.

Falling Down is a contagious little number with dirty guitars, punchy drum fills and Isaac Holman-esque vocals. This is the one you’ll have stuck in your head and find yourself tapping your hands on your thighs in time to Ian’s drums. A reverb-y instrumental is followed by some final, shouty vocals and closing feedback – very rock and roll.

The final song of the EP is the fast-paced, dance-inducing Sad State Of Affairs. An infectious bass line really drives the track and maintains a deep flow that’s still prominent over the loud guitars. The lyrics ring true for most teens ‘close the door behind you don’t come back again’, ‘so go and take the wrong right turn and walk right off the edge’ – it resonates with a generation that are learning to move on and cut negative people out of their lives. Kennedy sings in an almost nonchalant way but still, with grit and anger.

You can catch ALMA playing at The Sugarmill tonight as part of the Musicians Against Homelessness events.