New Single From We Few Reviewed

Credit: Tony Woolliscroft

Credit: Tony Woolliscroft

Morse Factory To Be Released At The Underground

Bethan Shuff || September 29th

It’s been a while since a song has punched me in the stomach and told me what music can do to you.

Rumbles of Morse code taps its way through the speakers, more than likely trying to tell us that what we are about to endure is insane. It’s similar to the start of Oasis’ D’ya Know What I Mean? Guitars start to feedback before the punchiest of drum lines and a Red Hot Chilli Peppers inspired bass line kick in. This is Morse Factory.

The up-tempo rock track is one to be played at full volume. It’s a track of spiralling dynamics of hard-hitting fury and moments of mellowness, with a sound inspired by many great artists. ‘I never saw your tongue of fire, or your heart of stone’, Tom Machin’s gravely vocals tell a tale of destruction.

A wavering build-up is met by some insane solo finger work before sinking into a chorus with a soulful ‘Gotta let it go, gotta let it go’ laced through before building up to a fizzled out synth. We Few really know how to keep people interested with their clever and confusing tricks. A chaotic instrumental outro explodes and fades into a final Morse code tapping sequence.

These 5 talented men will be headlining The Underground this Saturday 1st October for the Morse Factory single launch.