Cool Debut From Colder Bones

 Nantwich Band Member Releases Debut Solo EP

Bethan Shuff || September 14th


The Decay is Colder Bones’ beautiful debut EP. Colder Bones is the solo project of Matt Awbery of Nantwich based PLASTIC. The acoustic 3-track EP includes I Still Believe, I’m Sorry and Decay; all rather subdued titles which is reflected in his melancholic music.

Opening track I Still Believe begins with a strong ¾ rhythm guitar which starts off sounding fairly jovial, but seems sadder when Matthew starts to sing. This contrast of the interpretation of the music can also be found in Matt’s voice, where he sounds both heartbroken and hopeful all at the same time. It’s a gorgeous short and sweet track to open the EP with and to set the tone for the rest of the record which just gets darker and darker.  

I’m Sorry begins in an unusual and intriguing way. A few notes are strummed before a lengthy pause; almost as if he is trying to find the right words to say, much like an apology, really. It’s definitely my favourite song on the EP purely for the genius and original composition of the guitar. There are some very cleverly written lyrics in here too: ‘you need me’ *long pause* ‘less than you did before’. This one really tugs on the heart strings and is pretty relatable in the way that Matt appears to be apologising for things that he perhaps shouldn’t be ‘I’m sorry that I’ve been stretched so thin’ and ‘I’m sorry that I wasn’t enough’.

The closing track is Decay, a rather bitter song which really brings out Awbery’s emotions in his powerful vocals. It’s a stunning, emotive track to end the EP on as we’ve seen Awbery travel through the emotions of heartbreak, guilt and bitterness. I’m really interested to see what Colder Bones will bring next, whether it will have a running theme or whether it’ll be completely different?