Nu Metal Band EP Launch Success

Tribes Of Tauricide Headline The Underground For Record Release

Lee Barber || September 4th

Performing only their second gig, beatdown four piece 2x4 WMBD clocked an impressive performance, after their debut set opening for Of Legions at The Underground back in July. Support is strong for the Staffordshire band, who are finding themselves in a positions I am quite envious of. The network of support and sense of community within this part of Stoke's music scene is without a doubt the most prestigious, and is a testament to Stoke-on-Trent music. Of course, there are slightly annoying moments when a group of people choose to stand outside smoking instead of watching the bands they have paid to see, but that happens at any gig, for any genre. The fact is, the rock scene and all of its sub-genre styles - we have a vast amount of great local talent spanning several different rock/metal genres - are set up with a fantastic support network. People share stages with one another, form side projects together, record together, and the most important thing for me, everybody watches the bands. They don't leave after watching their mates band. Because they are all mates. And that is something to be proud of. 2x4 WMBD are certainly in a good place to build decent band with a good reputation for taking out of the city.

'You in the smoking area. Put your fucking fag out. Get to the front. Now.' Mercy Severity front man Jordan Jennings summons the crowd from outside and orders them to be part of the show. The call is heeded and the crowd gather along the front of the stage. They don't bob their heads. Why would they. They smash them back and forth in time with the angst-ridden music.

Alos performing as very newly formed band, the adrenaline is pumping and the atmosphere is full of anger entwined in friendly banter. Jennings has extreme stage presence and knows how to entertain his crowd. He interacts in between songs with short bursts of comedy or little glimmers of information, but never too much; he wastes no time in kicking on with the steady nu-metal set.

Emlyn Dennis on drums, complete with ripped jeans, Star Wars T-shirt and bright green hair, looks every bit the rock star as he thrashes across his kit, but he isn't just playing the part here, he knows his kit and he doesn't miss a beat. And there's a load of them. Hitting out a newly released track for their finale, Mercy Severity runs through their instruments with vigour and venomous passion in their eyes, while bass player Callum Dermot, warming up for his EP launch with Tribes Of Tauricide, seems to have breezed through the set, chilling with a plectrum in his mouth. Perhaps it could only be compared to watching Usain Bolt in the heats leading up to walking into a world record in the final.

Of Legions

Of Legions

With Mr Luke Medlock stood to the side of the stage, camera in hand, Of Legion begin their set without front man Luke Mansfield. I was attempted this myself when I was the front man of a band. I failed miserably. I looked like I had simply forgot that my gig was starting, and my grand entrance was completed by my having to rush to get to the mic in time for the opening lyrics. Not Mansfield. Oh no. Casually he graces the stage, fully clad in huge sun glasses, even huger golden chain, and even hugerer fur coat. He was every part the huge pimp. His grand entrance was confirmed a success with his simple comment 'I'm going to sweat my tits off' summing up the commencing show.

Before he first track had finished, the fabulous fur coat (Luke if you're reading this, please message me, I will make you an offer on it man) had vanished in the wings of the stage, probably only just missing Luke Medlock as it was hurled passed him. Having not actually had the honour of seeing beatdown band Of Legions before, I must say I was very much looking forward to it after several people had told me about how entertaining an Of Legions show is. I felt I had already got my money's worth from Luke Mansfield's entrance alone, but when they got to the track Scum, which was the song being filmed, the crowd had seemingly instinctively prepared a small war zone. The front line, thrashing their heads from the front of the stage. And the arc, the line arcing from one stage of the stage, round in a semi-circle almost to the bar and ending at the other edge of the stage. It was at this point I realised that I was stood pretty much smack bang in the middle of the front line, and I wondered whether I had made the right decision.

Don't worry, I clearly survived, and I am now very much looking forward to seeing the new music video from Of Legions.

After demanding the crowd to get in from the smoking area, Tribes Of Tauricide began their gruelling set. As Tom Flemming pranced about the stage full of confidence and vigour, bass player Callum Dermot and guitarist Callum Millward held the fort, standing strong as they ploughed through a set of well written, well structured songs, each having their own identity and each gearing the crowd up for a mosh, but teasing them with numerous breakdowns.

tribes of tauricide logo.jpg

The nu-metal four piece certainly know how to entertain a crowd and were evidently geared up for tonight's EP launch. The record itself, Subliminal Minds, was released in physical format last night, and contains a 90 introduction piece which sets up the record perfectly. The slow, driving riffs lie heavy in your stomach, drawing you in with front Tom Flemming's calls and drummer Nathan McCue's endless kick drum hammering.

Second track of the EP, Turnspit, went down a storm at The Underground, with its powerful guitar thrashing and precision beats, while Flemming's show his rapping skills with some well written melodies and cunning lyrics. Finale EP track, No Future, is one which resounds in your head, and has an elemental throwback feel to its core riffage. More stylish rapping/scream combinations, with some awesome breakdowns full of energy and big atmosphere's, No Future is a perfect finale track to leave the band lingering in your head for days.

Subliminal Minds by Tribes Of Tauricide is available in physical format now, and will be available online soon.