R.I.P Tussk - 2011-2016

The Sugarmill Likely To Be Seeing Tears Tonight As Tussk Perform Their Final Show Together

Lee Barber || September 9th

As I sat myself down in the chair at Mehmet's barber shop in May Bank, I pondered how I would speak to Sean Beck about Tussk's farewell. Is it going to be like a painful break up? Will he ask me for my CD's back? Will there be those awkward moments where you walk past one of the band members in the street and you don't know what to say because a friend told you they had moved on and started seeing another band? As you can tell, I'm a little apprehensive at the prospect of Stoke losing a gem from its musical crown.

Cougar Bait EP from Tussk 

Cougar Bait EP from Tussk 

Sean is in high spirits' however, as he begins to chop into my messy blonde hair. He explains that he is the main instigator behind the band's decision to call it a day. The passion of being in a rock band has been replaced by an even bigger passion, for the art of cutting hair, and to find something that you are even more passionate about than being in a band, well you can't say no to something like that.

We discuss the farewell EP, a collection of songs only Tussk could provide. Sean tells me that a lot of thought has always gone into all of their song titles (missionary impossible remains a firm favourite) and record names, endless threads of ideas and reasons in Facebook messages continuing until they decide that the first idea was probably the best one after all. For this reason, Tussk felt it would only be fitting to name their final record after the name of the band. When you hear the word Tussk, you immediately think of powerful live sets, hilarious music videos and intelligent lyrics over a raucous of heavy yet melodic music, all encases with some kick ass design work. Why wouldn't you name the final EP after that?

Headlining The Sugarmill tonight, Sean is a little anxious. 'It's something we've never done, like we've obviously never played a farewell gig before, so how do we know how it's going to go? You get that worrying 'what if nobody turns up?' feeling, and you just don't know what to expect. But we're all massively looking forward to it.'

Sean Beck, Oll Connell, Kris Capewell, Matt Massey, Luke Springett. Tussk. It has been an absolute pleasure. May this video below, and your final EP Tussk, which is also below in full, forever remind everyone of the sheer joy and entertainment you have brought into our lives.

P.S my hair looks boss now.