The Music Awards of Staffordshire and Cheshire- Part Two

Bethan Shuff || January 17th


The Music Awards of Staffordshire and Cheshire (MASCs) are less than a month away, on the 11th February at King’s Hall, Stoke.

There are four more awards than last year, so a total of 13 wards up for grabs, with titles like Best Solo Act and Best Album there for the taking.

In the run up to Christmas, Lee Barber announced the nominees for each award. One or two announcements each day had us all on the edge of our seats waiting to see which local acts had been chosen. 

I spoke to some of the nominees about how they were feeling about their nominations, and here were some of the responses.

Tribes of Tauricide said that the MASCs ‘are a great way of allowing bands to get recognition for all the hard work they put in on and off the stage: and to be nominated for best metal acts makes all the hard work worth it.’

Heavy As Balls gave us a ‘punny’ quote regarding their Best Metal Act nomination: ‘We were so humballed. When we found out we balled our eyes out. It would be horriball if we lost but I suppose we wouldn’t grumball.’

‘To be nominated for Best Metal Act is incredible! Especially when you consider the amount of raw talent and determined nature within this category alone’, said Of Legions. ‘Having an event which celebrates the wealth of talent in the surrounding areas not only showcases the wide variety of musical skill but allows their hard work and dedication to be recognised. The Music Awards of Staffordshire and Cheshire allow a platform to showcase the range of abilities the local artists have and bring their work into the public's view, to me, such an acknowledgement is amazing and we fully support it.’

The MASC’s are celebrating all genres of music, from metal, to electronic. Their music may be worlds apart, but this event brings everyone together.

Fixbeat is up for Best Electronic Act: ‘I think the awards are brilliant, I added a fair few artists to my list of favourites after following last year's awards with much interest, so to be actually nominated this year is out of this world!’

Carter Mason has been inspired to hopefully get all of the Best Electronic Act nominees together for a night of DJ-ing in the near future. He said ‘I think the awards are a great platform for unsigned artists to be a part of and the fact that my music is being noticed and listed by people is overwhelming and I appreciate every little bit of support that comes my way.’

Another Best Electronic Act nominee was Hausmore, who is ‘pretty gobsmacked to be nominated to be honest. I mean i know a lot of other guys doing their thing at the minute who I admire and think they deserve to be nominated over me. I'm really thankful and grateful for the nomination.’

Mark Crawford, known as Macious, featured on The Honey Box – episode 1 and showed the internet why he deserved his nomination. ‘Being a part of this spectacular event and also being nominated for an award really is the best day ever to me’, Mark said.

You can still vote for your favourites and purchase tickets for the evening at

Voting closes on the 25th January.