FLIIIS- Make Me Cry x Fuga x Daze BLVD

Leah Hamer || January 21st

After the success of their previous records, FLIIIS return with Make Me Cry x Fuga x Daze BLVD. Recorded and mixed in the heart of Manchester as well as alongside Sam Bloor at Lower Lane Studios, FLIIIS, have produced their most enlightened and unique release to date.

 Make Me Cry begins with a spikey synth, summoning you into the world of 1980s New Wave. Dan’s distinct, spacey voice, embodies the spirits of electric eighties icons like Philip Oakey and Dave Gahan. The track shows an appreciation for clever instrumentation. The synth combined with scattered symbols and drum beats creates a poppy rhythm, masking the darker story of the lyrics- the tale of resentment and inner-torment.

At less than two minutes, Fuga, is an intriguing and arty interlude. Set to the backdrop of a New York City field recording, a blurred voice whispers a spoken word poem- the lines are not entirely audible to the average listener. A careful ear is required to pick out the phrases, but as your body draws closer to the speaker to listen, it abruptly stops.

Daze BLVD follows the story of a man suffering from inner-torment, who begins to miss that one thing that causes his torment. The track features a sample from the movie, Drive, a fitting addition that focuses your attention on the meaning residing in the lyrics. Slow and echoing, it somehow manages to unnerve and calm you simultaneously.

Make Me Cry x Fuga x Daze BLVD is modern nostalgia, reminding us all of an iconic era, without denying the benefits of the present. Yet despite the popping, eighties beats and cool rhythms, the truth behind these tracks is harrowing and honest, showing FLIIIS’ brave outlook on music and life. 

Make Me Cry x Fuga x Daze BLVD will be available to download on Saturday 21st January.