Psyence- Midnight Moonlight

Leah Hamer || January 23rd

Whilst appearing on BBC Introducing From Stoke on Saturday 21st January, those mischievous, music medics at Psyence, premiered their latest track, Midnight Moonlight.

Cooked up in the cauldrons of Sam Bloor at Lower Lane Studios, Midnight Moonlight, gives us a welcomed taste of what we can expect from Psyence in 2017.

The thundering rise and fall of three medically enhanced guitars blasts through your speakers, blowing away the miniscule specs of dust residing in them instantly. You are awake and alive. After the prescribed ten seconds of breathing time are over, the distorted vocals of Stephen Pye enter the room to the backdrop Ben Nixon’s gnarly synth and Joe Walsh’s controlled drum beat.

Acidic finger work from lead guitarist, Pye, jolting basslines from Jamie Bellingham, and a sincere depth from Jamie Cartlidge on rhythm, submerse you into an underworld of psychedelia. Slithering lyrics slide past you with a smooth rhythm, until they over-taken by the glorious guitar solos. Vocals return briefly once again at the end- fast and inaudible until they disappear- just like the rest of the song. In the silence, the instinct to press play again is immediately apparent.

A savage opening, slow-motion bubbling verses, sporadic riffs, and a killer, abrupt ending. Midnight Moonlight is a two-and-a-half minute masterpiece.