Pretty Scribble - Raglans and Sneakers

Leah Hamer || January 28th

Pretty Scribble is the unique solo project of Kitsuné’s inventive frontman, Kit Popple. Those familiar with the entrancing synth and quirky beats of three-piece Kitsuné, will have a vague idea of what to expect from the electronic guru, that is Kit Popple. With the knowledge that these tracks were originally composed over fifteen years ago, back the years 2001-2002, it is extraordinary to hear how much talent Kit had then, just as he has now. This is the first of many albums he wishes to release, called Raglans and Sneakers.

Now, if you are in need of a positive boost, opening track, Euthanasia, as the name might suggest, is not exactly a party-starter. Brutally grim and morbid lyrics play to the backdrop of a bopping eighties video game soundtrack. Following track, Raindrops, is not a cheerier change, engaging in a theme of loneliness and dull weather. Yet again however, the topsy-turvy synth in the background is light and joyous.

Break You sees a lower vocal pitch come from Kit with rambling, fast lyrics and a quick, nifty riff supporting it. It is more fun and theatrical as Kit sings, ‘do-do-do’ in the chorus, adding an old barbershop feel occasionally to the modern instrumentality. Nothing follows, with a blurred, wavy opening of inaudible lyrics and twangs of a guitar that continues all the way through, showing his ear for experimentation.

Not How But Why is slightly messy in comparison to the clean-cut precision reflected by the other tracks. A fast tempo loses the melody, although there are glimmers of intrigue throughout. I Blew It is the opposite, slow and monotonous. The longest track, it drags in the verses before sparking again in the choruses. The riff is adept, however, and is the highlight of the track, along with the tinny outro.

A short introduction throws you into Dreams, which contains a dark synth pattern after each chorus, suitable for an eighties haunted house. Nondesign has a flowing, melodic run trailing the synth up and down throughout that really brings the track and album to life. It is a pleasant sound that remains my personal highlight of this album.  

Penultimate track, Twinkles, is low and droning, with indistinct, sleepy vocals, a complete contrast to the final song, Wait Forever- a fun, bouncing beat and dynamic feel, allowing the album to end on a high.

Up and down, arty and experimental, Raglans and Sneakers is a wonderful insight into how Kit became Kitsuné.

Kit will be uploading a new song to his Youtube page every week (for the next three years!) and you can purchase Raglans and Sneakers now from-