Release- Donald Punk


October 17th || Leah Hamer

Known for their punchy lyrics and hard-core, sweat drenched live shows, Release are back with another banger, Donald Punk, taken from their soon to be released EP, Releath The Third.

Beginning with Scooby-Doo-esque cartoon giggle, it slams into the twangy intro before being propelled into the rigorous vocals of Caleb Allport surrounded by a haze of livid guitars and demonic drums. Aggressive, clever and heart-stopping- it thrusts ahead at a million miles an hour, blending structures and time into one dominating haze of angst. It pauses briefly to welcome the imaginative violin of Jack Mitchell, who has always given Release an extra dash of uniqueness.

Relentless and intrusive, it does not give in, pushing beyond the boundaries of the norm and exploring an acidic world of political punk. After its short burst of life, the buzzing sound left in your ears does not escape you for many moments later. If this is just a taste of the EP to come, then my imagination cannot comprehend what other tricks Release have up their sleeve.

Donald Punk is available to stream below: