TMC- End of the World

End of the World Insta.jpg

October 16th || Leah Hamer

After beginning a dream partnership with DROMA records earlier this year, TMC are on a musical mission to release a string of singles before 2017 becomes the past. The third of those is End of the World.

Kicking in straight away with monotone lyrics and a steady beat, the layers of creativity unfold as the song progresses and a storm of harmonies come crashing in- thanks to the multiple vocalists present, who all bring a unique dynamic to the track. Powerful drumming and engaging guitar solos give the track a life and hearty flavour. With every second a new element is added, allowing the volume and impact to grow and overcome you, until the end when an echoing choir surrounds you in one giant musical movement.

As a mammoth collaboration piece made up of Staffordshire’s finest, including Robert Haubus, Sophie Bret Tasker, Lewis Haubus, Jack Tasker, Matt Plant, Laura Ellement, Nixon Tate, Gary Wilcox, and Rich Greene, End of the World is an example of what happens when a very talented bunch of friends gets together to create something special.

With the production of Jack Tasker at DROMA and the mixing skills of Tom Bath at UTC, the refined quality of the track is as outstanding as always.

End of the World is available now to download from: