Fears Chella- Girlfriend

Bethan Shuff || February 21st

Fears Chella emerged on the scene in May 2016, hitting us straight away with their debut single Cool, which instantly became Single of the Week on BBC Introducing Stoke and part of my summer playlist. Cool bagged the boys a nomination for Best Single at The Music Awards of Staffordshire and Cheshire, alongside their nomination for Best New Act, which is pretty good going for a band that’s been around for just nine months and have only released one single.

Girlfriend is the second release from Fears Chella bursting through your speakers at the crash of a cymbal which introduces a shoegazey riff. Andy Gannon’s silky vocals replace the riff and are carried by a deep and thumpy bassline. You’re wearing your mom jeans; you know I won’t keep them clean, the way the lyrics are sung gives the track an edge of pop-punk, but keeping it indie with the instrumentals.

The age of actually asking someone to be your girlfriend is kind of dead – Fears Chella are bringing that back with a chorus that is going to be stuck in your head for the foreseeable future; although I’d be careful singing it out loud just after Valentines.

Andy produced Girlfriend himself and admits that it’s a step away from Cool, but definitely a step in the right direction for Fears Chella. ‘Our plan is to just put more music out pretty soon; it’s good to just sit on it though and not rush to put loads out all the time. We’ve got loads of material and could easily put an album out if we wanted, but it just didn’t feel right to start going in that direction yet.’

There are some great gigs lined up for Fears Chella this year, including Threshold Festival in Liverpool and a slot with LIFE.

You can listen to their new single Girlfriend on Soundcloud here: