The Taskers

Leah Hamer || February 24th

London hosted the Olympics, Obama was re-elected, Gangnam Style ruled the charts, and despite the Mayan’s prediction- the world did not end. Yes, 2012 was quite a year. Yet amongst all of these events, something far more important was happening in Joxer Brady’s, Stafford. The Taskers were performing their first ever gig.

On February 24th 2012, Jack Tasker and Sophie Bret Tasker were about to step onto the stage, in support of local rock duo Smith and Bates, before they realised that they did not have a name. They went for the obvious with an intention to change it, Sophie thought it was pretty rubbish, but five years later, nothing has changed…well at least nothing in the name department anyway.

Half a decade later, the original members are now joined by the lovely Laura Ellement, and together The Taskers have released eight full length albums, dozens of EPs and singles, as well as touring across all of the UK. 

As today marks the five year anniversary of that first gig, there is only one way that The Taskers could celebrate- with more music. Five Years of Fuzz is their gift to us. A four-track EP engineered by Jack at DROMA and mastered at UTC with Tom Bath.

It begins with the harmonising echoes of each member, followed by Jack’s raring guitar. Opening track Raptors immediately portrays the authentic experimentalism that The Taskers thrive on. Piercing cymbals, husky vocals and distorted screeches make for a terse and gruff rock song.

SBT’s gnashing drums kick off Litas, which begins hard and foreboding, yet surprisingly becomes incredibly melodic and upbeat by the chorus. Their second EP track gives plenty of examples of the famous Tasker harmonisation.

Met The Eyes is quick and jazzy. The repetitive riffs grab hold of the spotlight with might and the bass line of guest member, Robert Haubus, peaks through powerfully in the intro. A vicious breakdown appears at the end, forceful and captivating like a whirlpool of raunchy rock and roll.

In a pleasant contract to the rest of the EP, ending track Mountains to the Sea, is humble and charming. An acoustic guitar adorned by the multiple female vocals brings the volume down several notches and allows you to appreciate the individual talents of each member. The raw recording is evident. Home-grown and crafted with loving hands.

Most of us did not have the fortune of witnessing The Taskers first performance, on this day in 2012. However, we do have the upmost pleasure of listening to Five Years of Fuzz instead. It is a hearty celebration of everything The Taskers represent and everything they have achieved.

You can listen and download Five Years of Fuzz below: