Divine Youth- Heartstrings Pulled By Human Beings

Leah Hamer || February 26th

After a year of honing in on their skills and style, Divine Youth are ready to combat 2017 and they have come armed with a new single- Heart Strings Pulled By Human Beings. Yet another example of their prowess for picking imaginative song titles, along with Please Pour Away Those Petrol Eyes.

A high, tingly riff and light cymbals begin the track in a jolly and light-hearted manner, then the atmosphere turns, and you recognise the signature Divine Youth guitar tone as it fades in. The verse is made up of just a few simple notes, overlapped by the occasional strum and steady drum-beat. This gives focus to the vocals of singer Dan Sheldon, whose modest baritone is one of the defining features of Divine Youth.

The chorus is bold and self-assured, as Dan spaces out the syllables of the lyrics, emphasising each one specifically. The outro to the chorus unleashes that catchy, cheerful riff once again, and the melancholic come down back into the verse, supplies a welcomed contrast.

Ending with a repetition of the chorus several times and a mirroring of the introduction, Heart Strings Pulled By Human Beings feels satisfying and complete, as though we have come full circle.

Divine Youth will support White Lies at Keele University on the 11th March and you can listen to Heart Strings Pulled By Human Beings here: