ALMA- Help Me

Bethan Shuff || February 3rd

I’ve always known ALMA for their teenage-angst, filthy guitars and screaming vocals. Watching the lads live, it’s just five college lads on stage having a laugh and throwing themselves about. It’s 2017, and by the looks of it, it’s New Year, New ALMA! Their latest release, Help Me, came out on January 22nd and is worlds apart from their previous endeavours.

As opposed to gritty, garage grunge, we’ve been presented with a more shoegazey, indie number.

Opening with spacey delayed guitar effects and casual drum thrashes, Help Me is already a new genre in the making.

So tell me how great it’s all gonna be’, Jack Kennedy’s vocals are soft and alluring. We’re used to Slaves-esque shouts and aggression, but it’s all been replaced with a chilled groove and melody. A single guitar note marks the beginning of an enthralling and exhilarating chorus with layers upon layers of magic. Bouncy guitars and funky drum fills, Kennedy’s stripped back vocals and Sam Fieldhouse backing with deep harmonies.

Thunderous drums, layers of vocals both behind and on top of the wavey guitars and a grooving bass create something of a kaleidoscope effect before slowing into calls of ‘help me’ before the track trails off.

You can hear Help Me on Soundcloud here: