RINSE- Still Wouldn't Call

Leah Hamer || February 9th

The distorted whirr of an aeroplane blasting across the sky greets you as you hit play, soon followed by the signature, psychedelic sound of the RINSE guitar. This is how their latest release, Still Wouldn’t Call, pulls you in.

 Josh Hollingworth’s memorable voice intrudes, against the backdrop of Rich Hewitt’s dreamy riff. In the lead up to the chorus, the riff is muted and a hearty drum beat combats its way through, providing the rhythm for the relatable lyrics but now you say you need me.

There is a warm sense of familiarity running through the beats of this track that attendants of past RINSE gigs will also recognise. As with every other release by RINSE- it is designed for the electric spectacle of a live performance. It is atmospheric, sensual, and captures the excitement of their character and personality, whilst remaining spotless and precise.

Still Wouldn’t Call is yet another exemplary recording. The RINSE sound is utterly distinguishable within half a second, and if that wasn’t enough- their distinct artwork and fresh image leave no confusion as to who they are. They have created for themselves an identity, a brand, and a trademark, that will live for a very long time.