Psyence- A New Dawn

Bethan Shuff || March 1st

Psyence has been tearing through the country with killer sets of hypnotic synth-rock for around four years now. 2016 was a big year for the band, playing Shiiine On Festival, supporting Cast and getting nominated for Best Act in the Music Awards of Staffordshire and Cheshire, which they won in February. Psyence also hid in the studio for a while, writing and recording, and in January announced their debut EP: A New Dawn.

The opening track, Cold Blooded Killer, launches you into the Wild West with its swinging bass, nodding guitars and deep gruff vocals. It’s got a slow and rhythmic haunting verse which leads into a Mexican stand-off of crashing drums and spiralling guitars. ‘Take that gun and shoot me down’ signals the quick draw and fires out a bullet of ringing out guitars, washy cymbals and fading licks. This track has already got us lassoed up and loving A New Dawn.

Falling In Love Once Again was our teaser for A New Dawn, released as a single on February 17th. Its spacey intro is very Psyence-esque, reminding us of the bands original sound, but moving it forward in an experimental and progressive way. Long delays and psychedelic synths wrap around Steve Pye’s layered and airy vocals. It’s got that floating underwater feel to it with Ben’s synths guiding you into a funky wah guitar section that carries us through to the very end.

An interstellar synth warps the speakers and a racy, feed backing guitar and Joe’s compelling drumbeat open A Bad Seed. Reverbed vocals haunt the track and compliment the spacey feel in the synth. The instrumental and outro is a platform for the band to show off with drum fills and guitar solos with Jamie’s bass keeping a constant rhythm.

Finally, the title track: A New Dawn. I was at Lower Lane Studios with Psyence when Pye was recording his vocals for this track and was astounded by how different it is compared to their previous work like Chemicals For Breakfast and Zebra. I questioned whether I was interviewing Psyence or a completely different band. A New Dawn is a slow and groovy little number with a light and upbeat tone in its synth effects and guitar technique. I look forward to seeing this one live, its one to make the crowd sway.

You can catch Psyence kick their tour off on Friday 3rd March at The Exchange and listen to A New Dawn in all its glory with the addition of guitarist Jamie Cartlidge to make it sound even bigger.

Whilst you’re waiting for Friday, A New Dawn is available on Soundcloud: