Macious- Stumm

Leah Hamer || March 18th

After releasing the physical copy of Stumm at a sold-out EP launch at Pilgrim’s Pit a few weeks ago, Macious’s wondrous six-track mix is now available for the rest of the world to hear digitally.  

Beginning with the title track, Stumm is immediately engaging. Echoing fractions of vocals, quivers of alien frequencies, with a steady, underlying beat all the way through. This is an apparent quality of Macious- he never loses a beat. You will always find yourself subconsciously nodding along, until the track ends and you shake yourself out of the trance.

Voices provides escapism. Close your eyes and you have discovered pure white sand, glowing sea and unparalleled freedom. It could easily be slipped into the soundtrack of Danny Boyle’s The Beach. Following track, 9am, features a more obvious verse-chorus-verse structure, and the heartfelt repeated words, What can I say? What can I do? playing to the backdrop of tingling notes.

Thinking of You brings back that controlling repetition that infiltrates your mind, I’ve been thinking of you, I’ve been dreaming of you. Beginning with a hearty, toe-tapping beat, layers upon layers of intricate sounds are added with every moment. It evolves constantly without changing to a song beyond recognition. This is just another miraculous skill in Macious’s collection.  

Penultimate track, Lost Minds, glides into the ending of Thinking of You so pristinely that you fail to realise at first another track has begun. Then you hear the change in tonality in the voice and the painful cries of heartbreak, in the most emotional track of the EP. Ending on Purple, a pulsating, bouncy piece of joy, Stumm has taken us on a journey of vivid feelings, clever techniques, and a story of love- but not in the conventional sense. These are love songs, but from the future.

As the winner of the esteemed title of Best Electronic Act at this year’s Music Awards of Staffordshire and Cheshire, Macious has quickly shown us why he was so deserving of the title and why he received such a positive reaction from the crowd that evening.

As a pretty thorough champion of indie, guitar music for the best part of my life, I was entirely ignorant to anything electronic. Macious has made realise what a fool I have been.

Stumm is out now.