Chelsea Coleman- Time Zones

Leah Hamer || March 4th

Spaced out, luminous beats simmer underneath the colossal voice of Chelsea Coleman- a Stoke/Manchester based singer with the remarkable ability to create an atmosphere in seconds. Mature, engaging and confident, she sings with the husky passion of old soul performers like Etta James- but to the backdrop of contemporary electronica.

As a woman of travel- her new single, Time Zones, is an appropriate recollection of Chelsea’s memories across the world- primarily China- her main influence, as made evident by the accompanying music video. She questions how travel changes you, right down to the core of your very existence, and how experiencing other cultures opens your mind up to new opportunities and possibilities. This is a very relatable topic for anyone that has ever felt a fraction of wanderlust.  

Midway through the track, her voices trickles into a whisper, I have to start living. In five words she spells out the message behind not only Time Zones, but Chelsea as an artist and as a person. As this is repeated again at the end, it leaves the listener with the haunting sense that time is escaping rapidly. Chelsea has courageously reminded us that we all need to start living.

You can watch the video for Time Zones below: