Wires Return In Style

wiresd ep cover.jpg

Bethan Shuff || 24th March

It’s been fairly quiet at WIRES HQ, until now. WIRES are about to make your eardrums rumble and minds rattle as they release their latest EP: Drop Acid and Start A Cult.

The six track EP, to be released on March 31, is allegedly ‘To the cowards, unbelievers, detestable persons, murderers, the sexually immoral, and those who practice magic spells, idol worshipers, and all those who lie’ – but I’m going to add any fans of angry, gutsy punk to that list.

Opening Sermon. This twisted piece will instantly recruit you as a member of the Cult of WIRES to the bitter end. There is no escape of Drop Acid and Start A Cult, and it will become your favourite worst nightmare. Screeching guitars and a deep thumping bass grumble below the chant ‘We are the greatest friends you will ever have. Are you with us?’ now would be your chance to opt out of the cult – but you will be far too curious to see what the EP holds as we get deeper and darker into the trip.

Dark of the Summer, 4BTBS, The Wolf, and A Holiday in Jonestown are the tracks that follow, depicting historic cult events and people such as Jim Jones and the Jonestown Massacre, Charles Manson, and Helter Skelter. A collection of harrowing and doomy tracks, blending punk, rock and grunge; WIRES came to start a cult, and the cult is hell-raising and loud. Gruff and gravelly vocals combined with rumbling bass and raucous drums, the EP takes you on a cyclic journey all the way through to Nomres Gnisolc.

Nomres Gnisolc, if you hadn’t noticed, is Closing Sermon backwards. This plays on the act of playing a tape backwards. Which is exactly what Nomres Gnisolc is – it’s simply Opening Sermon played backwards and sped up to create a haunting, eerie track of bizarre whispers and screams. This essentially brings us back to the very beginning, where you are now trapped in the trance of Drop Acid and Start A Cult, and will be listening to it on repeat again, and again, and again.

Catch WIRES live supporting Idles at The Sugarmill on Monday 3rd April.