Thieves Asylum New Single Review

Reflections Takes BBC Introducing Record Of The Week

Bethan Shuff // 27th March

Last June, Thieves Asylum painted social media orange for their release of IKYKIK, which went on to become a firm favourite for their loyal and ever-growing fan base. This month, the lads turned their page red in anticipation for their newest release: Reflections.

A spacey, synth intro stutters into the track with Joe Tomasso’s faded in vocals before the grooving bass of James Perry swaggers through the explosion of guitars and drums. Reflection is here; and you’re all going to know about it.

Joe’s laidback vocals have a sense of realness and wisdom in their mysterious lyrics, as though questioning everything we’ve ever known. ‘Take a look in the mirror, you’re the wrong way around; is that just what you think? The answer’s never been found.’ Dan Thompson’s drums keeping a solid, dark thud with flicks of the cymbals entwined.

An anthemic, melodic chorus of huge sounding vocals and Alex Grocott’s hazy guitar tone drowned in reverb and delay. The second chorus moves seamlessly into a catchy, repeated bridge with spiralling licks and layered vocals in a Kasabian-esque style. The punchy bridge vocals contrasting against the airy vocals of the chorus over the top, building the layers until it sounds absolutely massive before Joe fades us back out.

Joe describes Reflections as ‘an opener to more music’. There’s absolutely no doubt as to why it was chosen as BBC Introducing Stoke’s Track of the Week the night it was released. Another track from Thieves Asylum is set to be released in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled. For now, enjoy Reflections: