Camens Announce Debut Single

In February 2016, LazyEye gained the title of Best Band at the Music Awards of Staffordshire and Cheshire. A lot has changed for the band in one year, their former manager, Kelvin Knight, passed away which was incredibly tough, but one thing that hasn’t changed is their passion and determination. One year on, with a new manager and a new band name, LazyEye return with a revamp as Camens. On Friday April 14, Camens are set to release their first track under the new band name.

A tuneful melody introduces us to Boys Will Stray, a light-hearted and upbeat little riff providing a glimmer of hope in what can seem like a pretty dark world at times. At the thud of a drum and crash of a cymbal, Boys Will Stray is in full swing as Scott Powell unleashes his soft but confident vocals; the constant beat of the kick drum giving that classic indie-anthem sound. The cheerful and relaxed verse, enhanced by harmonies in the backing vocals builds and builds in anticipation for the chorus.

Boys Will Stray is the first of a string of releases for Camens, it’s about how ‘not everybody enjoys the perfections of Instagram filtered heaven’; if this track is anything to go by, then the band are going to steal some hearts. ‘Waste of time, waste of space, amazing grace with an unfortunate face’ the track hits that anthemic chorus, maintaining the upbeat rhythm but hitting us harder and punchier.

A stunning washy breakdown of faded in and out vocals ebbing and flowing between the ethereal guitar gives you a sort of outer-body experience, albeit short-lived as Camens snap you back to reality building to a final chorus that the band mixed up a little from the others with its pauses, its kick and its funky licks. Boys Will Stray puts you on a high you may never come down from.

Camens – Boys Will Stray has been played exclusively by Rob Adcock on BBC Introducing Stoke on April 8. The track is released on April 14.