Jean Rouch- Privacy Is A Sin

Bethan Shuff || April 20th

The mysterious Jean Rouch is sauntering out of the shadows bringing us his second release called ‘Privacy is Sin’. Rouch is a believer that technology is evil, and this latest release highlights the issue in that someone is always watching. There is no privacy. Privacy is sin.

We are welcomed with a deep rumble, setting the dark and aggravated tone; a striking guitar riff confirms that the beast has been awoken. There’s an 80’s Depeche Mode/David Bowie rock feel to the slow, husky vocals of Cal Locker and growling guitar tones. Haunting whispers of ‘I’m watching you’ seep through the speakers as you are indoctrinated by your mobile device.

The gloomy track was written entirely by Jean Rouch, written in the perspective of a mobile, looking into everyone’s individual lives like a CCTV camera. ‘No-one is ever alone’, warns Jean Rouch, ‘whether it’s chatting to a friend, or a stranger looking at your profile.’

Jean Rouch brought in Cal Locker to sing lead vocals and Ant Holland to sing the haunting backing vocals in the oppressing chorus, who both meet Jean’s vision perfectly. There is so much attention to detail, from the selection of musicians he chooses for the tracks, to the location of his videos and photographs. The song almost sounds as though it was recorded in the dark, abandoned rooms of a derelict building.

No-one is ever alone. Privacy is sin.