Bethan Shuff

Lymelight Preview – Sunday

Over Bank Holiday weekend, Lymelight festival is bringing you over 60 different music acts over four days on 3 stages, as well as a beautiful artisan market, beer stall from Lymestone Brewery and a fun fair! They couldn’t fit much more in the town centre if they tried.

On Sunday 30th April, there are 15 acts playing on the main stage from 11am until 11pm, with another 10 acts playing the acoustic stage between 11am and 4pm.

While the main stage’s opening act at 11.00 is still to be announced, at 11.45 we have Greensward, who ‘play a mixture of original and traditional folk songs, and have been variously described as "The Potteries' own Pentangle" or "New-Age Mediaeval Folk".

At 12.30, a local favourite, John Dhali who has won Best Solo Act two years running at the Music Awards of Staffordshire and Cheshire, as well as Best Music Video with ‘Only One’. ‘John Dhali is an infectious soul who unleashes pure pleasure onto every listener’

Ingrid Schwartz is on at 13.15 with an eclectic fusion of folk/blues/rock displayed through honest lyrics and a raw performance. This year, she is vowing to develop the alternative folk sound she seeks in the studio, recording her third record.

14.00 will see The Taskers on the main stage a band ‘born out of a love for sludgy 90’s guitar riffs, Weezer, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains’. With a piano, cello and violin giving them a more experimental twist, The Taskers play anything from acoustic folk to drum machine driven house.  

Umbrellabird are on at 14.45, standing in their own genre of ‘electronica/art’. ‘Each of their creations are full of emotion, some make you want to punch someone, while others have you sunken in thought. It’s incredible how music, even without lyrics, can do that.’

Megan Dixon-Hood enters the stage at 15.30, where ‘enchanting vocals combined with haunting lyrics carry over ethereal and climatic sounds. Taking a step into the darker, magical side’ with her spine-tingling vocals and powerful piano.

At 16.20 is the rock/grunge four-piece Alma, raucous and filled with teenage angst, their filthy riffs and screaming vocals create an exhilarating set from the young indie lads. 

Shakedown Stockholm are on at 17.10,’ a 7 -piece rock outfit named as an homage to a humble & beloved Adidas trainer’ who ‘combine a blend of lush mesmerizing harmonies over relentless aching guitar fuelled anthems.’ 

On the main stage at 18.00 will be The Manalishi. ‘Their loveable nature, great sense of humour and perfect onstage rapport makes it quite hard not to like them. Their personalities shine through their music and that’s something that even the most popular bands fail to achieve.’ 

Kitsune, formerly Vulpes Vulpes, are on at 18:50 with their ‘space punk’ set. What is space punk you ask? ‘Post-Punk, New Wave and Dream Pop music of the 1980s and the Grunge, Shoegaze and Alternative Rock of the 1990s’, combined to create one electric whirlwind called Kitsune. 

19.40 and We Few will be taking the stage. ‘We Few are one of those rare bands that barely need to lift a finger to impress a crowd. They waltz on stage with their beards and quiffs, pick up their guitars and suck the audience into their rock vortex.’

At 20.30 is Fake War, a garage rock trio whose ‘defiant, political lyrics engage the audience and leave everyone with a raring inner buzz to go out and tackle the world head on.’

Taking the main support spot is The Gurus at 21.20, ‘with a combination of catchy riffs, addictive melodies and carefully crafted lyrics, the band will hit the spot for any fan of indie/alternative rock.’

Headlining the main stage for a second year is Psyence on at 22:20. Last year they blew up the generator with their dreamy psychedelic synth-rock. Psyence are ‘an intense chemical reaction of face-melting riffs, spacious vocals and groove-based rhythms’, but you’ll have to catch them at Lymelight on Sunday 30th, April.

Check out their links below: