King Kula launch Strange Love

Leah Hamer || April 7th


After re-branding themselves from Lost Soul Experiment to King Kula earlier this year, Jordan Gifford, Ash Simpson, Louis Wilson, and Dan Bailey hinted and teased their revived image and mysterious single for weeks, seeping out images of masked men and blow-up dolls with no explanation.

And then, Strange Love, was upon us. On March 17th this highly anticipated blockbuster was unleashed onto our prying eyes.

A cinematic countdown revealed a familiar green background with the scrunched up words, the following preview has been approved for appropriate audiences…rated R. The green credits give-way to a dusky, black-and white filter as a Vauxhall screeches onto the screen, soon followed by the husk of Gifford, You move in mysterious ways, I can’t work you out. All the while accompanied by the sporadic twinge of distorted guitar.

The plot thickens, as the members of King Kula, suited up and donning Mexican wrestler masks, kidnap a guy called Pedro (Tom ‘Pugwash’ Pettitt), as his partner, Ling Ling (Geraldine) the blow up doll, washes the dishes and fires abuse. As the action gets heavy, as does the track.  Deafening drums and a gritty wave of entrancing licks, leave you stuck in perpetual anticipation.

Flicking back and forth from the filmic elements and the band performing, you are reminded to not get too wrapped up in the fiction- as Pedro is brutally tortured (very nearly with a banana) and later killed. As the psychedelic melody builds into this whirling solo and colours of red splash out of the screen, you have to marvel at their warped imaginations and skill for creation- both visually and audibly. The dark comedy peaks at the end, as gangster El Conyo (Gifford) battles the scorned Ling Ling in a Mexican stand-off in the forest.

Ending with an incredible spiral of mystical guitar work, the video comes to a gory end and the bright, sound of a mariachi band pops up with the final credits, giving thanks to Cafe Cabrones Productions and directors/editors, Mark Cornwell and Dan Finney.

As the official single is released today and available to download, it must be acknowledged that Strange Love as a musical feat is adventurous, thrilling and representative of King Kula’s stand-out style. Combined with the video- it is pure art.

King Kula will be celebrating the launch of Strange Love tonight at The Underground, alongside Thieves Asylum, Indigo and Sons of Ra.