Leah Hamer

After a mammoth performance at their Rebel Bear Precinct launch party on April 22nd, Poliptik had a wild pack of fans eagerly anticipating their 4-track EP, In A Sense, which was finally released on May 4th. 

With a subtle, wavy synth beginning the proceedings with the first track, Misericordia, immediately you are submerged into the four-piece’s soothingly, trippy world. This sense of calm psychedelia continues throughout the rest of the instrumental track and acts as a warm and fuzzy opening to the EP. 

A repeated riff and bass line appears in the following number, Ginger, as though it is a further extension of Misericordia. Although unlike its predecessor, we are greeted by John Blair’s hefty vocals, along with a dramatic explosion of drums and volume. The two tracks merge together so effortlessly that they could in fact be one entire eight and a half minute monster. 

To Be Seen But Not Heard comes next, with its catchy hook and colossal guitar solos. A ringing tambourine shakes to the back drop of swirling melodies, all intertwining with the constant repetition of the title. 

Its closing track, Sweet Catastrophe, is often a live-performance favourite for those who have witnessed Poliptik on stage. So it is a pleasure to hear its recorded equivalent, which still holds all of the might and power of the live-version. Another example of a long, progressive rock song- with distorted vocals and a pounding melody- just what Poliptik does best. 

In A Sense is out now. 

HYPERLINK "https://soundcloud.com/user-831659445?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook" https://soundcloud.com/user-831659445?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook