John Dhali Double Up


Leah Hamer // May 17th


A towering build-up of foot tapping and a murmuring acoustic guitar leads to the breakthrough of John Dhali’s hopeful vocals, appearing through the dark beats like a glimmer of sun in the grey clouds. As the track grows, an aggressive passion courses through John’s voice- gruffly angelic and bravely optimistic. As he sings lines like ‘There ain’t no better canvas I can paint and there ain’t no better story I can write’, it becomes so blatant how adoring John is of music as an art form.

With every track that John conjures, he unleashes a beam of light in the process of recording, giving every listener an immediate detoxifying boost with every play. Here is no different. In the glorious middle-eight, John’s falsetto is utterly entrancing. Already at this early stage in his career, he has truly discovered the key to creating harmonious and beautiful music.


A week ago, John took the liberty of sharing another track with the world, Taste. Recorded live with Samsara Sessions, with whom John has previously worked with, overnight the song and its accompanying video, received adoration across the scene. Opening with the strums of a blue ukulele, the camera pans upwards to see John with a thoughtful frown and dewy eye in a field of green. His darling voice appears singing a heartfelt declaration, ‘It’s not you my love, it’s something inside of me…

The song continues to seep into your pores and infiltrate your cells. To sit alone and watch it on a screen is an intimate and evoking experience, as the lyrics become dually heart-breaking and hopeful at the same time. In the same sense to Here, Taste is an unleashing of emotions and feelings that need to be voiced, but in contrast to his previous release, Taste is completely stripped back. In just one single live performance, with no smoke and mirrors, and no embellishment, John Dhali has found a way to capture us all, once again.