Dirty Rotten Souls Are Back

Leah Hamer || May 20th

After locking themselves away in UTC Studio over February, two-piece Dirty Rotten Souls emerged into the light with four brand new tracks under their belt. After the success of their last release, Pure Bliss, back in March, they so kindly dropped their next addition, I Smell A Rat, earlier this month.

A face full of grizzly guitar hits you in one-second-flat, and doesn’t ease up for the next thirty seconds. With ground-shaking drums penetrating your ears, the introduction gives you a nasty little taste of that rotting rock you’ve been missing. The vocals of Mark Bailey rage and roar over the crashing cymbals of Danny Nicholson, and it is easy to hear that this is another one of their classic, angst anthems.


During the chorus, you can pick up on the clever lines that Mark incorporates throughout the song, ‘You’re never more than ten feet from a rat/That’s what my counsellor says.’ It’s this dramatic wit, combined with a dense demonstration of skill that makes Dirty Rotten Souls such a high-ranked band within this scene.

Smart, powerful and intensely wild, I Smell A Rat, is fine proof that Dirty Rotten Souls spent their time in studio captivity very wisely.