Fancy A Fruit Shoot?

Latest Banger From Bonsai

Lee Barber

Get ready for a tropical dance storm with Stoke indie boys Bonsai's latest release Fruit Shoot, full hard hitting drums and serious swagger-dance guitars, some thought-provoking vocals and a good old fashioned indie banger ending.

Dropping in instantly from a short introduction, front man Chris Hough doesn't mess about in getting his lyrics out there, and is possibly in his finest form as a singer, proving that he has not only the entertaining front man side covered, but the lyrics and the voice, too.

Guitar licks throughout the verses are simply impossible not to jig along to, while the chorus has an innate ability to whisk you away. It's quite strange, that the music in the chorus somehow feels like a gateway into the thoughts and feelings of Chris Hough; when you really take in the lyrics you find yourself suddenly rather sombre, as Hough sings lyrics which on some level we all secretly feel ourselves. Hats off to a song-writer willing to admit he's 'bricking it a bit about getting old alone.'

After two minutes of sneaky finger magic on the old gweets beneath Chris Hough's fine vocals, it's time for Bonsai to do what Bonsai do best: drop the beats that gets the whole room going crazy. And they certainly do it in style on Fruit Shoot; make sure you go and catch these guys live soon - the outro to Fruit Shoot is pure indie mosh material.